Browser Requirements

Pop-up Blocker: Disabled via browser settings.

Browsers Supported: Firefox 2 or higher, Internet Explorer 7 or higher.

Note: Videos on CardioVillage currently are not compatible with some browsers.  Please do not use Google Chrome.

Java and Javascript Enabled: Enabled via browser settings.

Flash 10 or greater Plugin
If CardioVillage exercises do not load, you will need to download Flash.

QuickTime 4.0 or greater Plugin
If you the notice the above message while accessing the exercises, you will need to download QuickTime to view our movies.

If you are getting an activex control alert and want to disable it. You can download a patch from Microsoft.

We also recommend downloading Acrobat Reader.

Customer Support
If you need assistance with your account, log-in email or password,  navigation, or other technical support, please contact our Customer Support Center.

Phone: 877-811-7054
Support available 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST (GMT−5), Monday – Friday

If you prefer to contact us via US mail:
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